Friday, July 1, 2011

Week 4

So I am officially into my 4th week here in the MTC. It is crazy to think that next Wednesday I will have already been here an entire month. I wanted to thank you Mom for the package. My companion and I surprised our entire district yesterday by going to class early and decorating our classroom with the decorations you sent for St. Patrick's day. Our one Elder from Belgium walked in and was really happy...but very confused at the same time because he did not understand the purpose of this silly holiday we have. It was rather funny. I will take pictures and send them soon so that  you can see our cute little classroom decked out in St. Patrick's Day decorations.
Where to begin...this week has been a bit crazy. I have definitly been tried and tested throughout the week. Last week I began not feeling too well. I was having pretty bad stomack pains and was not sure what the cause was from. However, I stayed positive and tried ignoring the pains and discomfort that I was having for about a week. Well, on Monday I could no longer ignore them. I began throwing up and had to run to the bathroom about 15 times + throughout the day. It has continued through the week but we are finally starting to get it handled. I have been doing blood tests and several other types of tests all week and have been in and out of the doctor about a half a dozen times a day since the first of this week. I am feeling a lot better today then what I have over the past couple of days. All of my side symptoms that I have been having keep pointing to a parasite in my system. Yes....I just said parasite. The results will be all done and we will know for sure on Monday what is wrong. But it is very likely that I will be treated for a parasite beginning the first of next week. My district and I have turned it into a big joke. Though I am in constant pain and discomfort...I'm trying to laugh it off and keep pushing through. All I can think is...of course only I would get a parasite before even getting out the mission field. haha
My district has been wonderful to me and especially my companion Sister Holland. Yesterday I got a few different shots to help with nasea and other things and one of them was basically a shot of morphine. Since I had already made my comp miss about 3 language classes this week, I told her that I would just make a bed out of chairs in the corner of the classroom and sleep during class so that she could be there. We got to the classroom about 30 minutes early before it started and within 10 minutes I was out from the shot. 4 and a half hours later I woke up. During that time, my entire district held class in the DARK and whispered so that I wouldn't wake up. They are so great but I feel kind of fullish and bad that they felt like they couldn't even turn on the lights. My comp told them it would be fine because I was out COLD but my teacher was so concerned for me and wanted to be sure I was not woken up. I am truly grateful and blessed to have such amazing people surrounding me.
Well, that has pretty much been it for my week. Not a whole lot to share since I have had to miss out on a lot of things. All will be fine though and I will be healthy again before we know it. Thank you to everyone for all of your love and support.
Irmã Beus

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