Friday, July 1, 2011

Week 2

Hi family,
This week has been sooo good. Things have been so busy here every day and I never have any free time. This last week Sister Holland and myself prepared the First Lesson to teach to our district in Portoguese. We were the only companionship that had to give it this week. It lasted between 15-20 minutes, and for both of us not ever speaking Portoguese until this past week, I thought it went over pretty well. We have also been doing a lot of contacting in Portoguese all week. Since I am a little more ahead in the language however, I've had the one having to do most of the talking and contacting. Sister Holland is picking things up though and we'll be able to speak a lot before she know's it.
Mom, thank you so much for the "Dear Elder" mail this week. I was surprised to have gotton it. But PLEASE, pass news around to everyone to use that over emailing me. I do not have time to read emails on P-day because I am timed and have exactly 30 minutes to email. So I won't ever have time to read emails and respond. So pass the word along on how to use "Dear Elder" and to write to me that way. It is great. They put it in my mailbox and so it's like I receive an email that comes that day. So it makes it better then email because it's just like getting an actual letter. So Mom, you need to respond to me through Dear Elder too and don't email me because I don't have time to read them.
So everything is wonderful here. My teachers are great. I have two, Irmao Jones and Irmao Tiago (James). Both served in different missions in Brazil and one of them has only been home for 5 months...I'm actually older then him so it's interesting.
Mom, I did get the bottom bunk and Sister Holland got stuck with the top bunk. We have 3 other girls who we share a room with. Two of them are going to France, and the third is going to Switzerland (all French speaking). They are great but I only see them at the end of the day back in the dorm rooms.
So my favorite day has so for been Sunday. I think Sunday's will always be my favorite day. They are amazing! In relief society, Sister Dibb's came and spoke to the Sisters. For those who don't know, Sister Dibb's is I think the 2nd counselor in the Young Woman General Presidency...and she is President Monson's oldest child!!! She is such an amazing woman. I got to go and speak with her after Relief Society and ask her questions about her Dad, the Prophet! It was an incredible experience.
That is so amazing that Bradyn is all done with his papers!! I am so excited to hear where he will be going. Make sure that he sends me a Dear Elder AS SOON as he gets his call so that I can find out the same day.
Well, my time is up. I love you all. I am so happy here and I know that I am doing the right thing. I have witnessed what it's like to have the consistency of the Spirit with me at all time's. It is truly a blessing and priveledge to be serving as a missionary.
God speed!
Love you,
Irmã Beus

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