Friday, July 1, 2011

Truly in Africa!

Olá family and friends,
This has been a really good week. As I wrote last week, I am now in my third area which is here in Praia. The area is great and it involves more walking then I have done so far. The majority of our area that we work our houses that all sit on a mountain. So everyday we have to climb to the top of the same mountain where most of our current investigators live. Because everyday is like going on a hike, and since the sun here in Praia is ALMOST as bad as in Arizona during the early summers, we sweat lots and lots and lots here. It is good for me though and I like it a lot. Oh, and I am back to being 100% myself and fully healthy.
Also, for the first time since arriving here in Cabo Verde, I think it has FINALLY hit me that I am actually living and serving in Africa. That mainly has to do with the fact that the area I am currently serving in has the most ´culture´ in all of Cabo least that is what I have been told...and both of my companions are from the mainlands in Africa, neither one speaking English. We live right across the street also from Cabo Verdes largest outdoor African market, Sucapida, which is soooo amazing and really great. It is probably really bad for me to be placed in this area because everytime we go to Sucapida I want to buy everything, especially since it is so dang cheap. But mother, do not worry, I have yet to do so :)
The church here in Praia is a lot more established then what it was in Sal. There are 4 branches here in Praia and there are more members in each branch here then what there was in Sal. I still miss Sal a lot...but I am really happy in the area I am now and know that I will grow to love these people as well.
I love both of my companions. They have what I would call an ´African attitude` more then the other. They are a lot more sassy then what I am use too and they definatly have a different ´culture´ about them and do things very different then I do. But I think I love them more so because of that. Sister Macamo is amazing...she is the one from Mozambique. She has the most amazing dread locks that I grow more and more jealous of everyday. Difference between her dreads and the dreads I once had is that hers actually look good on her. haha. But we all get a long really great and they are hard workers and big examples to me. Sister Macamo, is also only in her second transfer in the field like me and Sister Lorenço will hit one year in a few weeks.
That is about all for this week. I have spent most of my time trying to email photos home so I have not had time to write as much and share better stories this week. But I love you all! Thank you for your continual support and prayers. It is both very much appreciated and needed.
Com amor,
Sister Beus

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