Friday, July 1, 2011

In the Hospital

Hi Mom,
Last Monday I woke up at 2am with the WORST chest pains in the world. The pain went clear up into the back of my throat and my heart rate was at about 126 at rest. I freaked out and actually began crying cause I thought my heart might have been failing or something. Like...I was SERIOUSLY freaking out. Later that day I went to the hospital where I had to stay over night. The doctors there are useless and about 40 years behind in medical knowledge. It was a sketchy and dirty place and it was not very much fun. After being there for two days, nothing had been resolved and I was sent home. On thursday my mission doctor in Germany told me I had to go back and have some tests done on my heart. So we were back at the hospital and I had a Electric Cardio Gram done and some other things done. It was quite the adventure there, let me tell you. Reminded me a little bit of that hospital we went to in Mexico after the accident...only a lot more sketchy and dirty.
Anyways, good news is...the problem is NOT my heart. It has been discovered that I have an ulcer in my esophagus. The ulcer was caused from a medication I had begun taking last weekend to help with my rash I had on my head. Kinda crazy. But transfers take place today and because of my health, they are transferring me to Praia so that I can be closer to the Mission Nurse and get better medical care. Please, DONºT worry about me. I will be fine. Yesterday I finally started getting a little better and even today I am doing better. So things are looking up (in comparison to the rest of the week). When I get to Praia I will be working as a Secretary in the mission home for the transfer in a companionship with TWO other sisters. Yup, I will be serving in a triple companionship. We have an odd number of Sisters in the mission now cause one Sister finished her mission this transfer and goes home today. And since I am sick and will probably hinder the work of my companion for another week or so, they put me in the triple so that I can spend more time with the nurse this week and the other two can continue with their work.
I have been trying hard not to get down on myself. It has been hard. I am trying to keep my head up and trying to not get mad that I keep having all of these crazy health problems happen to me on the mission. I am REALLY sad to be leaving REALLY sad. Yesterday was a cry fest for me as I had to say by to all of the members and my investigators. My first baptism was suppose to be on Saturday and it is of two of my favorite investigators too. So it is super hard for me to leave here. In Sacrament meeting yesterday they changed the closing hymn to Till We Meet Again and I was crying along with several of the other members. I dont know how it happened, but in the short 5 weeks I served here I got EXTREMELY close to the entire branch here. My comp, Sis Walker said that this is her favorite area she has served in in the year she has been here because it is hard to get as close to the members on the other islands as we have here because the others are so much bigger then here in Sal. But again, I am trying to keep my head up and have faith that things will work out.
Anyways, thanks for all the pictures. I am glad it was a fun weekend. And i can NOT believe bradyn is wearing garments now!!! CRAZY!! I am sad I could not have been there for that and for his graduation. Tell him I love him and that I am so proud of him. Well, I have to get to the airport now. I love you.
Sister Beus
P.S.- Now that I will be serving and working in the Mission home, my Pday changes to FRIDAYS!! Just so you know. So I should get another PDAY and chance to write you this Friday. I will write a mass email then. I love you!!

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