Friday, July 1, 2011

Week 3

Hi everyone!!!
This week has been really good. I can not believe it's already been two weeks and that I'm into my third week being here. Time has flown this past week. I am still enjoying it a lot and am grateful for my time here thus far.
The only thing that has been tough is to maintain all my energy by the end of the day. We work so hard here and do so much, that it can be exhausted at times. However, I make sure that doesn't slow my work down and Sister Holland help's with that too.
I have run into a few people here that I know. It's kind of odd because I've run into more friends from back home that I went to school with who are return missionary boys and who are here working as language teachers in the MTC more then anything. It's kinda funny. Zach Brough being one of them (my friend who I went to the Ben Folds concert forever ago with). Then I also see Elder Patterson around a lot too. Elder Patterson is from your ward Mom. We had mission prep together for about two months before coming to the MTC. So it's fun to see him pop up everywhere.
How did Bradyns Eagle Court of Honor go? When does he turn in his papers?
Tell BJ and Britt that I say congrats and that I want to see pictures!!! I can not receieve pictures through email....yet. Once I get out to the mission field I'll have a lot more time and a little more flexibility then what I have here in the MTC.
Well, my short time is already up. I love and miss you all. I am grateful and feel more honored to have this calling as my time grows here. It is truly a blessing that will cary out throughout my life and I am seeing that everyday through my experiences. 7 weeks and I will be in the field in Cape Verde, Africa. I am taking advantage to learn as much as possible here in the MTC until then though.
God speed!!
Sister Beus
P.S.- Thank you Marisa and Gerusa for your letters through Dear Elder this past week. I got them and it was so fun to hear from you both. I will write back when I get more time.

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