Friday, July 1, 2011


Hello friends and family,
This has been another really good week. On Thursday, the 23rd, I hit 4 months in the mission since entering the MTC (Missionary Training Center). I can not believe how fast time has gone.
Like I said, this week was good. The work was really slow and I think I big cause has to do with how hot it is getting here. For weather, I think it definatly gets up there to the hot Arizona desert summers. Only advantage those of you in Arizona have that we dont is air conditioning to escape the heat. Here it just never goes away. But, it builds character I like to say. Haha. And the best part is, is everyone says the heat has yet to even begin. So I am in for a treat.
On Saturday I had my FIRST baptism in the mission. We have been teaching a young boy who is 20 years old named Patrick. He had already revieved most of the lessons by the time I arrived in this area. Nonetheless, I felt priveledged to witness this big day for him. He has been one of my favorite investigators that we have been teaching in our area here in Praia. For being a 20 year old boy, he has a HUGE spirit and is so sweet. He was truly ready to revieve the gospel and let it build a new foundation in life for him. For now, he is the only member in his family. We are teaching his older brother right now too, but it is taking a little more time with him. We have hopes though that with the new light of Christ that Patrick has in his countenance, his family will desire to have the same in their lives and desire to learn more.
As far as the week goes, this weekend the city of Praia lost electricity (which is very normal). I have learned that cotton balls covered in oil works amazingly as candles for light. we just stick it on a tin pan and it last forever...and its cheap!! Saturday at our baptism, the first counselor of the branch I am surving in cornered me and told me that one of the speakers for Sacrament the following day just let him know they were not going to be able to make I had to prepare a talk and speak in their place. Being without electricity makes it really hard to read and prepare a talk for church though the night before. However...I quickly remembered that I had my handy dandy HEAD LAMP!! for allllll of you who teased me about taking a head lamp on my mission, I want to now know that it has SAVED me on several occasions...this weekend just being another exception. So I sat in my bed with Liahonas and scriptures surrounding me Saturday night with head lamp on head preparing my Sunday talk. Good times.
We have also been out of water for the last few days. The living situations here in Praia arent much different then what they were in Sal. Sal and Praia are the only two islands that sisters serve on that do not have warm water ever and that constantly are running out of water. Only thing is is that it is becoming less of a shock and annoyance and more of a way of day to day life that we live with. I have become pro at showering out of buckets though by now, I might add.
Well, that is all for this week. I hope all is wonderful in everybodys life and that everyone is safe and living happy lives. I love you all!
Com amor,
Sister Beus

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  1. My name is Sister Fehoko, I will be serving the Cape Verde Praia, Africa mission as well, and I love reading your blog but if you have the time. I would personally love hearing from you! If you could please email me at I would definately appreciate that. I definately wanna be as prepared as possible to reach out and preach the gospel out there, so I would love any advice you have!