Friday, July 1, 2011

Almost There!

Hi Mom!!
I wanted to send you a quick email really quick to let you know that I have made it from Germany to Portugal. We have about 5 more hours or so before our last flight to Cape Verde!! I wanted to call you but this entire dang airport is out of international calling cards!!! So unless I had it swap and charge you instead, I have no way of calling you...and there is NO way Im gonna do that cause it would cost you tons of money.
So anyways, just know that I am safe though....Sister Holland and I are both SUPER tired, and both pretty sick with bad colds. I keep telling Sister Holland I dont like her cause she got me sick....but she knows i mean it with love :)
So anyways, this time tomorrow I will be in my assigned area doing the Lords work...CRAZY!!!! Im so excited and its crazy to think that I have gotten to this point in my life. Just know that I love you tons!! I will call in about 2 weeks on Mothers Day...but I will email you again before then Im sure.
Take care and send everyone my love! ....and Sister Holland says "me too me too". So her love goes to you as well. Do me a favor, will you call Sister Wing and tell her that I got here safely. I had planned on calling her but since Im not able to get a calling card anywhere, i cant really call anyone. But I also want you to know...I ADORE that woman!!! She has been a huge blessing to my life during the MTC and it was hard saying goodbye to her. She will be someone special in my life who I will stay in touch with forever. Next time she goes to visit in AZ I told her you two need to meet. So make that happen for me. Shes incredible and so loving. She is like a second mom to me. She has helped me more then you know...espcially when I was sick before coming home. So be friends with her...
Well, I love you tons! I have to get going before Sister Holland falls asleep on me here.
All my love!
Com amor,
Irmã Beus

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