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Praia-Serving in the office

November 21, 2011
Hi Mom,
So first I am going to respond to everything you wrote and asked me in order before reporting about my week:
Yes I did receive the letters from the achievement day girls. I gotta it a little over a week ago. They are WONDERFUL and it made me so happy. I did not however get anything from the primary. Send me an address for them if you would like (like to the primary president) and I will write them a letter thanking them even though I did not get it yet. I have not yet written to the achievment day girls. Being in the office there is no time for ANYTHING!!! Even on pday we are working. This morning we have been at the Portugal and Brazil embassies since 8:30am until 1pm...THAT was our pday!!! But I should get time later this week so I will for sure get a letter to them.
Tate is so cute. Those pictures are too funny.  I miss them all!
Here are responses to your questions:
Where do you live? I live in an apartment that is about a ten minute taxi drive from the mission office and mission home. 
Is the office in the mission home? They were until President Oliveira become mission president. They got him a new home that is snazzy and super nice about 5 minutes away in a sky rise apartment complex...the largest here in Praia. Super super nice.
Who do you live with? I live with my companions, Sister Laimana (from Hawaii) and Sister Gomes (Portugal)
Do you go home to eat, or do you eat with the mission president? If we get to eat, we go home. The office is so busy we sometimes only get a 15 minute lunch when the rest of the missionaries get 2 hours!
Do they run out of water where you are? More here then anywhere else in this country. The day I got here they ran out and we went two weeks before getting any back. We lived off of taking showers, drinking water, brushing our teeth, cooking food, ect. out of 5 liter jugs during that time that we would take and fill up at the mission office every day.
Are you in your mission presidents ward? Yes...but that doesnt mean anything cause he attends another branch every week.
Do you get to know his family since you are in the office? It is only him and his wife. But I know them both VERY WELL being in the office.
Are there Elders in the office too? Yes, we are the general secretarys. There are also Financial secretarys who are a companionship of Elders, and then the APs.
Can you listen to music in the office? Negative
Can you get eggs and oil to make cake mixes? YES YES YES
Take pictures of the office. Already have
Did you get another package? The last package I got was your Halloween Package a little over a week ago.
 The office is TIRING as heck. Like I find myself more exhausted some days then when I would work a 20 hour day for Gay.  
But.......................I am being TRANSFERRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY!!! Crazy Happy as you like to put it. And my transfer is PERFECT for me.
So tomorrow I will be flying with my new mini missionary companion that I will be training (again) to the island of Fogo!!! President Oliveira is having me open a new area (again) for sisters. Only this time, I am opening an area that has NEVER had sisters ever before!! I will be in a little town called Mosteiros. All of the Elders call Mosteiros the "boonies" of Cabo Verde. I guess its just small and poor. But there is A LOT of work to be done there. I am assigned to build a seconed branch in Mosteiros. I will be flyng with my mini missionary tomorrow (she is from Assomada, SanTiago...the same island as Praia). We will arrive in São Filipe where we will stay for a day to buy kitchen appliances and food to take to our home in Mosteiros (it is a brand new apartment the mission just bought for us so it has NOTHING in it). Then on Wednesday, a truck will pick us up for us to put the beds and everything else in the back, and then ride in the back of the truck for one hour to our little town. I am sooooooooooooo sooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooooooo dang excited!!! Oh, and President told me that I will be with this new mini training her and practicing as I wait for my real companion to arrive from the aka, I will be training a new missionary next transfer after new years. I am excited about everything and I know that the Lord had a hand in all of this.
So that is about it as for right now. I will be sending a bunch of photos that I hope you get from my time here in Praia these last 4 weeks. I will write a big mass email next week once I am in Mosteiros. I have to finish working on trying to download photos.
As far as Thanksgiving goes, I am not so sure if I will be celebrating it. I will be with a Cape Verdian sister and according to the rest of the Elders, we'll be living in the boonies. So unless I somehow manage to do something with missionaries who are in other parts of the islands, I dont think Ill be doing much. But thats ok. Eat lots of food for me. Ill probably be eating the typical beans and rice that day :)
Oh...and I dont hit my half way mark next month...I hit my half way mark in TWO days!!! Yup, I have already hit 9 months! February to November...thats 9 months! Its crazy to think that I have already gotten this far. Its been a rollercoaster but I have learned a lot. I am looking forward to these last 9 months.
Well Mom, I gotta go upload pictures. I love you!!!
Your little girl in Africa,
November 21, 2011
Hi everyone,
Here are a few more pictures of my area in Praia and from this last transfer. I have a lot more that I tried to send but the computer here is just wayyyy too slow. Enjoy!


Sister Taryn Beus
November 21, 2011
Hi Family and Friends,
Here are some pictures from these last four weeks that I wanted to share. These were all taken in my area in Praia. The little girls are a family that we have been teaching. The mother was baptized my first week here in Praia a month ago and we have been helping the oldest daughter get prepared to be baptized as well. They are probably my FAVORITE family in this area. They live in a one bedroom 10x10 cement home. It is the mother and her 3 girls...and she is 7 months pregnant with another one on the way. No husband. No help. And hardly anything to live off of. It is very humbling working amongst these people every day and always makes me want to help in any way possible. These people are all truly incredible. We are so blessed back at home for the good life we truly have.
Sister Taryn Beus

November 21, 2011
Hi everyone,
Just thought Id share a few pictures of the adventure me and my companion Sister Laimana did for Halloween. This is a Christ statue that is placed at the top of this mountain that we decided to climb up to on Halloween day. We needed to do something fun this day. So while our other companion went with some other sisters to get their hair done, this is what Sister Laimana and I did. It was a lot of fun. We like to call it "Little Rio De Janeiro, Brasil".

Sister Taryn Beus

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