Friday, April 6, 2012 to work!!‏

Ola Familia e Amigos,
So this week went good and bad. Good because Nilton, a 31 year old guy who Sister Namwange and I contacted in the street our first week in this area and taught from the beginning, got baptized!!!!!! He was my first investigator to be baptized who I contacted and taught from the beginning. It was a very very happy day!! He has actually been one of my favorite people to teach in this area during the time I have been here. He always ONLY speaks Crioullo (Creole) because he thinks its funny watching me concentrate harder to understand him. That, and he is not very comfortable with speaking in Portuguese cause he has to think harder to know what to say. But his baptism was so great. Him and 3 women were baptized this day. And at the end when they each got up to bear their testimonies, he was the last one to stand and was also the ONLY one to get emotional and shed a tear...and also the only man. Everyone could tell that he truly felt a change and the spirit was strong. It was a proud moment for me.
This last week we also started teaching some of his other friends (all men). Two of them came to his baptism to support him and the same two, plus one more of his friends, came to church the following day. After church, all of them said they want to go every week now because they could feel something different inside our church and also said they wanted to talk more with us to see what they had to do in order to also get baptized!!! Sister Vicente and I were amazed to see these 3 grown men so excited and anxiouse to have the same light that they saw enter into their friend Niltons life.
So this week was also bad because we did not get out and get to do a lot of work. We had to stay in a lot because I was sick.....again...shocker! I had a high fever of 102 Friday after having had thrown up for two days. I had also thrown up a little blood which worried me for a while. But I recieved the most amazing priesthood blessing from one of the missionaries named Elder Brown who blessed me with good health and now I am feeling a lot better. Still not 100%, but A LOT better!! My stomach has just hated me since beginning my mission and I cant quite figure it out. But, it is not gonna stop me from fulfilling my purpose from being here. I love it here, and all though I was slowed down a little bit this last week, Im back to working at a 100% this week.
So this week is going to be crazy. We currently have the amount of work as what normally 2 companionships have. We are teaching almost 30 people right now in our area (all being strong), and about 10 more who we have contacted and seemed really interested, but who we have not been able to go back and visit or teach because we just dont have anymore time. The maximum number of appointments we usually have as a missionary is 8 appointments a day...this week we have somedays where we have had to schedule as many as 13. That is pretty much impossible to do and I dont know how we are gonna get to all of them...but we are gonna work hard and do all we can to make it to all of them.
This week my couple who we have basically been marriage counseling since I have been in this area, Rute and Erickson, are FINALLY getting married on Thursday!!! And what is also great, is that Erickson said that he knows the church is true and also wants to get he is getting baptized this Saturday after he gets married!!! It is a very busy and full week. But Sister Vicente and I are excited as ever that the work is progressing to well.
Speaking of Sister Vicente...on Friday our Mission President called and told her that her mission call had arrived. He gave her the choice of waiting a few weeks until he came to bring her her call for her to find out where she was going, or for him to just tell her. She wound up having her just tell her over the phone. So, Sister Vicente will be serving in the Boston, Massachusets mission!!!!!!! She is the FIRST Cabo Verdian to ever go serve there!! And out of all the places to serve in the states, Boston is the one place that has the MOST Cabo Verdians living there. There are almost as many who live there in Boston as who live in the country of Cabo Verde itself. It is a huge blessing and honor for her to serve there and she is super excited.
Well, That is about all I have for this week. I love you all and thank you for all the support.
Com amor,
Sister Taryn Beus
Hey mom,
First of all, do not worry after reading my mass email...I am ok. I have had some serious health issues, I swear. My body just hates me. But I just laugh it off and continue forward. I really am doing a lot better though. I did not eat for 3 days and I was having the runs and throwing up at the same time with a fever. It was fun stuff. My stomach still has some pain. But I am A LOT better. A few more days and I will be back to 100%.
So my area has just exploded with work. It has been crazy. This week we are way over our head and it is going to be a busy busy busy week. But we are really excited. I cant wait until this darn wedding is over with so that I dont have to stress about them anymore.
After this weekend, I will have had 10 baptism...all but one of those being just in this area. I think 10, maybe just I cant remember.
I do not have a lot of time left. I loved hearing about the movies and about Ryans farewell and everything. I want to comment back about it all but I just dont have time.
My comp is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, LOVE HER!!! And she is going to serve in Boston. I explained all about in the other email.
Oh, and my investigator who got baptized Saturday, Nilton...he is incredible!
Anyways, I really gotta go. I love ya so much Mom. You are such an amazing mother...seriously.
Lots of love,
Your little girl in Africa

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