Friday, April 6, 2012

Goodbye Mindelo :(‏

November 7, 2011
Hello family and friends,
I am very sad to say that I have been transferred out of Mindelo. I am now serving back in Praia as General Secretary in the Mission Office. I have been here now for a few weeks, and although I am learning a lot, I really miss my last area. I espcecially miss my companion, Sister Vicente, who has returned back home in Fogo to prepare for her mission in Boston. We were both very very sad to leave our area and to seperate from each other.
Here are a few photos of me with all of the wonderful people I met, taught and served with during my time serving in Cha D`Alecrim in the city of Mindelo. I just wanted to share some of them with you all.
Lots of love,
Sister Taryn Beus


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