Friday, April 6, 2012

Mousseaux Mistake :)

On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 5:56 PM
Hey Mom,
How strange, I did write to you last week...infact, you were the ONLY one I did write. I even sent you photos. But I just went to look in my drafts and outbox folder, and NOTHING. That is soooo weird. I did write though, I swear. I just dont know what happened to it....
.....ok lied. Went through my sent folder again, and I embarresly sent last weeks email that I wrote you to the Mousseaus!!! I was tired. hahahaha. That was probably the worse email for them to get too. It was an email definatly from a daughter to mother...and not for them. hahaha. oh well. I forwarded it to you though. So now you can have two emails.     

This last week was good. PLEAAAASE send me the general conference addition of the Ensign ASAP once you can get it....I watched 3 of the 4 sessions in Portuguese with our investigators and my attention span was short lasting during most of it. You know how sometimes its hard to pay attention when watching it in English...well Portuguese is even worse...especially when the translators speak with a THICK Brazilian accent and the Portuguese accent. I watched Sunday morning session in English with some of the other American missionaries at our Senior Couple missionaries home, Sister and Elder Broderick. They made cinnamonroles and it was great. But we had investigators at all of the others so we were told if we had investigators, we had to stay and watch the sessions with them. So the others I watched in our chaple. We watched all the sessions Live...3-5pm being the first session, and 7-9pm being the second, both days. Kinda misserable. But it was conference which I always love so it was good. Did you know that ONE YEAR AGO I was sitting there at the conference center with Matt Kimball. Made me a "little" homesick. But i am good now. Because of Conference we couldnt have baptisms. We will be having 4 this Saturday though. It is also the last week of this transfer...meaning next Monday are transfers!!! I have a good feeling that I will be staying in my area with my mini...cause President called this last week to ask if she wanted to stay another transfer or go home and she said she would like to stay another in this area. So my fingers are crossed that we stay togetether. She is INCREDIBLE!!! I think my favorite comp of the mission. She is adorable and so much fun...but also very hard working with a BIG testimony and sweet spirit. Today we took a truck taxi up to the highest mountain here on the island of Sao Vicente. We were driven as far up as possible and then climbed the rest of the way. We also took a little gril and made lunch up at the top. We went with a few members and played Mankula and cards and some other games and just hungout and enjoyed the day. It was a lot of fun. It was nice to get out and do something else for once. We had a view of the entire island. It was beautiful. They have a maker that marks the highest point on the island where we were so we stood on top of it and took pictures...and stated that we now were HIGHER then Sao Vicente. It was a lot of fun. I sent some pictures up there and in the truck. I also am going to send a picture with two girls, Iarine (11 years old) and her sister Jodaline (18). I love these two and infact, their entire family. Jodaline helps us teach a lot and she just always laughs and is so great. Her younger sister Iarine is one of our 4 baptisms that we will be having this Saturday.
How did your music program go? Im glad to hear you enjoyed conference. I did here Sister Daltons talk...she spoke Sunday morning so I was able to hear it in English. I too thought of dad as she spoke. I loved President Uchdorfs talk at the Relief Societ General Broadcast last week...we watched that with the Senior Couples at their home last week during lunch after church. He is one of my favorite speakers. Just like you said, he speaks clear and direct and its always just so good.                                                                                                     You will read later in my email I sent last week (that went to Ralph and Barbara) that I was feeling really home sick...that has passed now. I am anxious for the next transfer to begin and REALLY hope I stay in my aread with Sister Vicente. We will see. This weekend we have District Conference which includes all of the branched from this island (Sao Vicente), and the two islands of Santo Antao and Sal. All three islands make up one district. That means I will be getting to see a handful of people from the branch in Sal and I am soooo excited!!! I miss everyone there so much. That branch and my current branch are my two favorite that I have so far served in.
Well, that is it for this week. I am pooped and we are suppose to start teaching in 30 minutes so I have to go. I love ya tons!!!!
Com amor,

P.S.- Sister Vicente and I have been blessed to have 10 baptisms this transfer after this Saturday. Our mission in Total had 97 baptisms this last month of September!! That is a record for our mission...I think. The work is going really really well here and we love it!!                    

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