Sunday, August 21, 2011

Serving in Mendelo

Hello family and friends,
Everything is good here in Cabo Verde. A LOT has changed this past week. As I mentioned in last weeks email, I have been transferred again...this time to the island of Sao Vicente in the city of Mindelo. My area includes working in one of the richest and nicest area in Mindelo. It is a new area for sisters that has only had Elders working in for the most part until now. I am companions with a girl names Sister Namwanje. She is from Ughanda, Africa. We have been focusing this last week on just trying to find investigators that the Elders before us had been teaching. It has been difficult because there were no teaching records for any of them when we arrived to the area. So we have had to rely on help from members in our branch to help us find everyone.
One of the people we are teaching is named Flavio. He is INCREDIBLE!!! He is in his early 30s and mostly deaf. He also speaks zero Portuguese (only speaks Creole). So our lessons with him include us speakin VERY slow and very loud...and then every sentance we have to pause so that our member helping us can repeat what we said and translate it into Creole slow and loud for him to hear and understand what we said. But he is soooo amazing. We can tell he TRULY wants to understand and know everything there is to know about the gospel. He lives in such poor and humble circumstances too. He comes to church by himself and stays after Sacrament Meeting to help collect all of the hymn books and puts them away...and he is not even a member!!! He is just seriosly amazing and so hungry to learn more. We invited him to be baptized this last week and are preparing him to be bapitzed a few weeks from now.
Other then that, we have just done lots and lots of walking this last week as we have been trying to learn our new area and meet new people. Our area is surrounded by mountains that we have to climb everyday. But we are ok with that because every mountain we climb up has the most incredible view of Mindelo and the ocean.
Well, I am out of time. Enjoy the pictures. Oh, Sister Holland did splits with us for an entire day while her companion was in Praia for a training. So all of these pictures were taken the day she spent with us teaching in our area.
Love you all!!

Sister Beus

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