Sunday, August 21, 2011

Love Mindelo!

Hello Family and Friends,
This has been a great week. I am absolutly loving Mindelo!!! I am especially loving my area. We are teaching some of the most amazing people. One of them is named Flavio. He is a 29 year old man who is 90% deaf. The little that he can hear and understand is only Creole, no Portuguese at all. He lives in this half underground home that he built and created out of cardboard boxes. But he is truly truly incredible. He has the biggest and warmest smile everytime we see him and a HUGE desire to learn and know more about the gospel. Since he has a harder time understanding, we rely on drawing and showing pictures and hand gestures to help him understand. He comes to church everyweek by himself and usually stays after to help pick up and collect all of the hymn books by himself. He is just wonderful.
Another family we are teaching are Ruth and Erickson and their two little boys that are 1 and 3 years old. We are currently helping prepare them to be married so that they can get baptized. They also have very little in their lives. Sister Namwanje are going to spend our afternoon going around and trying to see if we can help Erickson find work since he is without it right now. We are also in the process of helping them with their wedding papers and get thing prepared.
We have a lot of other really strong and great investigators that we are working with. We had seven come to church yesterday which we were so excited about. I love when people just "get it" and continue to progress. It is one of the most exciting things to witness as a missionary.
Well, sorry to keep this short. But I had to use my time to do some other things that needed to get sent to the mission home. I love you all. Thank you for your continual support, love and prayers.
Com amor,
Sister Beus
Here is a pic Sister Brooks and Laimana sent me. It is the three of us and one of our FAVORITE restaraunts called Segundas in Praia.

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