Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm Being Transferred...AGAIN!!

Olá Family and Friends!!!!
I hope everyone is well. Things here are as good as ever...but a little crazy at the moment. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we received a new mission president 3 weeks ago. And with that, we figured transfers this month would not have too many changes. But boy were we wrong...EVERYTHING is changing just about!
I recieved a call Saturday night from my mission president where he told me he is transferring me out of Praia. I will be transferred and fly to the island of São Vicente here in a few hours where I will be serving in Mindelo and OPENING a new area for sisters...again! Before now, there have only been 2 areas in São Vicente where Sisters serve....and today a 3rd one has been opened. I will be serving with Sister Namwange who is from Uganda, Africa. Sister Namwange has been serving in Sal this past transfer...she is the one who took my place when I got sick and had to be transferred to Praia. This will be an interesting transfer and I am excited as ever to get started in a new area!!! It is kind of crazy that every transfer so far here I have served on a different island...that almost never happens. But my health last transfer was the cause of that happenning to me. I am pretty sure that I will be spending a looooong time in Mindelo now, but Mindelo in my opinion is one of the coolest of all of the islands. So I am excited!
My area here in Praia has been cleaned...meaning none of us (me and my companions) who have served here this transfer are staying. Sister Lourenço (from Angola) left this morning to go serve in Fogo, and Sister Macamo (from Mozambique) is going to go serve SAL with my trainer/first companion Sister Walker!!!!! I am a bit envious and jealous of her because I love and miss Sal like crazy...but I am really looking forward to the work in Mindelo. I will be serving in the same district as Sister Holland too (my MTC companion)!!! So I will get to see her again at least once a week.
These past few days have basically involved packing things up and saying our final goodbyes to all the members here in Praia and to all of our investigators who we have been teaching.
I look forward to the new adventures and experiences that await for me in Mindelo. Until next you all!!
Sister Beus

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